Palm Beach with NASA

Less than a month before I blew the cylinder head at Sebring I was able to attend another NASA event - Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR). I was a little worried before the weekend because I barely got to drive the car and test it out. I ended up installing a mint AP2 head onto my AP1 block, but while I was in there I did a new Koyo radiator and upgraded to head studs. A couple little things were added too: like a catch can so I don't smoke screen people and I did the throttle body coolant bypass.

It turns out my worries were a little exaggerated as the car performed flawlessly. I drove 3 hrs down to the track, did 8 total sessions over the weekend, and drove it right back without any hiccups. With the refresh the car is so much more lively. No longer are other S2Ks pulling me on the straights and it feels genuinely faster. Thankfully I have AP2 valve spring retainers now so I have a little money shift insurance.

Here is a picture of Dave and I having fun:

This next one is my favorite photo of the weekend. Dave, Jeff, and myself went out together to have some fun. It felt like we were running an S2K train passing everyone.

The next adventure will take us to VIR at the end of August. It will be a mighty long drive, but another bucket list item will be crossed off!