Baero BBK Do-It-Yourself Wilwood Kit - Group Buy

A few S2000 forum members have reached out to me to develop a DIY BBK kit for our S2000. I have done with for a few cars already in the past so I know the logistics of making it happen. For the money it is a great kit and gives the power to the consumer. Many companies make a profit by operating as the middle man, so that would be eliminated and transferred to you.

In order to make a batch, we need a group of 10 people to get pricing to work. A set of rotor hats and brackets would be provided, then you would piece the rest of the kit together. The rotor hats and hardware are $400 for a set. This includes mounting hardware. The kit would work as a pre-order so payment will be required up front. Since this requires a large batch to get good pricing, this kit will not be for sale on my website full-time, but offered as a one-time batch.

This kit is designed for the following parts:

Calipers: Wilwood Forged Superlite - $350 -

Brake Lines: Wilwood Brake Line Kit - $73 -

Rotor Rings: AP Racing 325x32mm Rotors - $500 - ;

Rotor Hat Hardware - AP Racing - $50 -

Pads - Hawk DTC60 (as an example) - $153 -

By buying the consumable parts yourself, this kit is ~$500 cheaper than comparable sets on the market. This is the kit I have ran for over 10 years on numerous cars and it works flawlessly. I am on the end of year 2 on the same set of rotor rings (~60 track days so far). I just changed my pads for the first time in 2 years. Wilwood uses a 20mm pad shape which is super common. They last a long time and are really cheap. I use the 1.38" piston diameter calipers, but the beauty of this kit is you can buy the bigger pistons if it suits your platform better.

The rotor hat and bracket will be made of 6061-T651 aluminum. The bracket will have helicoils installed so you don't have to worry about ruining the threads with steel bolts. 

Group buy slots:


2. hawkeyegeoff

3. jlee

4. spaded_racer

5. ncrx

6. nate_tempest

7. joey_nguyen

8. mpoganski

9. Zer0ne

10. nb12

Assembly view with Wilwood Superlite Caliper and 325mm Rotor:


3D Model of Mounting Bracket:


3D model of Rotor Hat:

Rotor Hat.JPG

If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to comment or email me directly!


Parts are now delivered and SOLD OUT. If you’d like me to make another batch, please email me to get on the list and I can start a second batch.

As promised, I am going to post links for people to make their own if they’d like. Please use these google drive links to get the .STP files and drawings.