9 Lives Wing vs. The Competition

This past season I decided to change my APR GTC200 wing for the 9 Lives Racing version. My main reasons were the extra supports on the trunk, to be able to get increased downforce, and because I was pretty bored! Finally, I have had the time to run the same analysis on this wing as I did on the APR and Voltex wings.

This was done using the same setup. 0 angle of attack, 100MPH condition. Just the wing and endplates for all cases. All done on the same computer, using the same file. I want a direct comparison between the 3 without any extra variables. Everything was done to scale. This is for the 68” version of the 9 Lives wing.

Just as I suspected, it produces much more downforce than the others. Here are a few snips that I took, the first being a cut plot right in the middle of the wing showing pressure distribution.

The stock endplates are actually decent vortex generators. I can tell from the cutplot they are actually a little too small and could be positioned better. Some 3D endplates would go really well with this wing, but most organizations won’t allow it.

Here are a few graphs to showing my overall results. I included stock APR and Voltex, plus versions with Baero endplates in comparison to the 9Lives wing.

Same plot, except showing drag. If this was done on a full model, the 9Lives would do better than the others since it is in higher, cleaner air. Also, it is the only 2-D wing of the bunch. Even so, being on par with that much more downforce is impressive.

Drag Compare.JPG

Lift/Drag efficiency plot:

As you can tell I left a Baero 9Lives position wide open. I want to contact 9 Lives first and see if they are okay with me producing endplates for their wing, as I know they have other suppliers that do that sort of thing for them. Regardless, I will be making some for my own car, so stay tuned for results!