A new challenger appears!

Now that the S2000 is a full track car I really needed a more livable DD. I was driving a crossover to work and it was getting really boring. I hate automatics and wanted something fun and easy to drive. I had narrowed my search down to either a ND Miata or FRS/BRZ. Another goal of mine was to have a backup track car if I ever have issues with the S2K (knock on wood). 

I think I hit all of my checkboxes. Ended up getting a 2013 FR-S in "Whiteout". It is very tastefully modded by another track enthusiast: Wilwood BBK, lowering springs, Enkei wheels with Hankook RS3's, and lastly an oil cooler to make sure it does not overheat at the track. I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would. It's a perfect daily driver and it's added practicality has already come in handy. If this platform had a screamer like a F20/F22 it would be a game changer.

If you hadn't guessed, parts for this platform will soon be in development! Keep your eyes peeled.