Test and Tune Weekend

Went to the FIRM again this past weekend to get the car ready for a busy summer. I am driving Road Atlanta with NASA SE on June 16/17 and then Sebring with NASA FL on June 23/24. I wanted to make sure the car is exactly how I want it and it didn't let me down.

I recently sold my SSR GTV02 (17x9+45 square w/ Dunlop Star Spec V2) to my brother and mounted the Wedsport TC105N (17x9+49 square) that I've had sitting in the shed. I was kind of on the fence about the blue/teal color, but I love how they look on the car.

I managed to scoop up the Kumho V720 that were on clearance on Tirerack. $300 for 255/40/17 200TW tires had me excited. My expectations were low, but they're going to be a fun tire for a few events. While they don't have the same grip that my Star Specs or RS4s did, they were very predictable. It was easy to sense what the car was doing and corrections were simple. I could hear and feel when they were on the edge. I slid way more running these tires, but I was having a blast. I was 2 seconds slower on these compared to the Star Specs, but I was fighting air in my brake lines all day, and I was not running my hardtop this time. The lack of aero was evident on the one session I ran with the top down.

Here are a few pics of the weekend: