Designing better APR GTC200 Endplates

A while back I started a thread about designing my own wing. I ended up getting sidetracked and never finishing it as I found a dirt cheap S2000 specific GTC200 online. However, now that I am finished designing the brake ducts I've diverted my attention to making "better" endplates for my wing.

I took out the 3D scanner tonight and got a profile of the outward profile of the wing, as well as the endplate profile. Made a quick model and ran some CFD to see how the pressure plots looked on the current endplates, which I show below. I used the same profile throughout, even though that is not the case, because my gaming laptop cannot handle CFD any more complicated than this. I can't even save cut plots as is, I can just quickly view them until my computer crashes. I'll try and find a way of saving to show you guys as that is where the best data really is.

Options I plan on exploring:

1.) Size (max being the allowable 12"x12")
2.) Louvres
3.) Slats
4.) Splots
5.) Notch on top aft section
6.) Shape

Pretty much I am going to mimic a lot of the modern F1 wing designs, even though they use a dual airfoil. Whichever one gives me the best results I am going to produce and add to my product line.

Tips/Suggestions/Criticism is very welcome. My first goal is to calculate baseline lift/drag ratio of this wing so I have something to compare against.

Pressure trajectory plot (red is highest pressure, blue is lowest pressure):


Airflow behind the endplate, showing the vortex and trapped air: